System Overview:


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ARP high pressure atomizing systems use the high pressure to atomize the water into billions of super fine water droplets for fast absorption into the air stream. While the technology is not new, ARP's methodology is. The use of water lubricated high pressure pumping systems coupled with superior valves and microprocessor based control systems takes ARP to the forefront of the industry.

Significant consideration has been used in the design and selection of the ARP system components. Block mounted SS high pressure valves with guaranteed operating cycles exceeding 1,000,000 cycles, can be maintained without disassembly of any high pressure piping.

The water lubricated high pressure pumps are guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 8000 hours between maintenance cycles.

The high pressure SS nozzles have integral filters to minimize nozzle plugging. Each pumping unit has high efficiency inlet filters to remove any foreign particles down to submicron levels. The pumps are monitored for inlet pressure and high temperature. All protective devices are mounted on a common connection block, not on the pumping unit.

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