Mistification Energy Analysis:


Before your next humidification or evaporative cooling project, let us give you a real energy analysis on your existing or proposed system. Using software we developed for use on utility rebate and incentive programs, we can answer all of your questions and provide complete documentation on the energy report.

ARPFog High Pressure Adiabatic systems interface with your BAS controls on the HVAC systems. The energy required to vaporize the moisture is taken from the return air waste heat. HEAT THAT IS NORMALLY EXHAUSTED. The return air provides the HEAT energy necessary to absorb the moisture from our system. No added heat is typically required to complete the evaporation process. This makes our high pressure adiabatic system the most energy efficient humidification system available, anywhere!

Energy Cost Chart


$.065 per kWh, 3500 hours of operation, 1000 lbs per hour moisture output.

This energy savings results in cost savings. Large cost savings in most cases. Contact us for a free analysis of your humidification needs and the potential energy savings available with ARPFog system!!!!!

Evaporative cooling from the ARPFog system can cool the inlet air for air cooled condensers, dry coolers, gas turbine inlet air streams, data centers and industrial process cooling systems. System capacities can be specifically designed and configured to match the application precisely.

Visit for a list of State Energy Incentive Programs that ARPFog systems qualify for.