Evaporative Cooling:


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The benefits of adiabatic cooling can be realized on air cooled dry coolers and condensing units, as well as on air side economizer systems. The heat energy removed from the air stream lowers the entering air temperature. The cooled air can increase the efficiency of the air cooled heat rejection equipment which in turn increases the efficiency of the refrigeration compressor system.

Evaporative cooling of hot air streams can reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling systems. High air flow systems like data centers or process air streams can benefit from the large drop in air temperature after the evaporative cooler. This cooling can be achieved using less than 10% of the energy consumed by mechanical cooling systems.

A temperature drop of 15-30 degrees is typical. The lower temperature results in efficiency improvements of 25-45%, with increased cooling capacity and reduced electrical fan and compressor energy.

The mechanical components, of the evaporative cooling system, can be utilized in the adiabatic humidification system during the heating season. With the majority of the components already in place, it's a small incremental cost to add humidification capabilities to the air handling systems or directly into the manufacturing spaces.